Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oral Surgery

Hello Family,
Just wanted to say hello to all and let you know my mom is doing pretty good. Most of her days are rather calm and enjoyable. There are those days when Alzheimer's show it's face with confusion. We just seem to work it all out one step at a time. I have found when mom has any type of an appointment that would make her have to get organized and out of the house at a certain time, it's best if I just keep our morning as calm as possible and then a few hours a head of time mention her up coming appointment. Sometimes she gets stirred up and then thank God for Lorazepam that will calm her stomach. We just had a visit with her dentist that will have to remove two lower teeth. Things went pretty good and she will be having oral surgery Thurs the 24th of this month. I'd sure appreciate your prayers for her on that day. Mom is not a morning person, but agreed to a 10:30 appointment, that she didn't want to wait and to get it over with. Again please join us in prayer for her during this oral surgery.
Mom does have calendar in her room that she will and we put appointment on and she will come out and remind me of her appointments. Calm is the word, by just reassuring mom all is well and she is fine, it seems to keep life pleasant.
Just wanted to keep our family up on mom and how she's doing. Thank you for your prayers.
The Lord Bless and Keep you all,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dental update

Hi all,
We made it through the dentist appointment with help of her Lorazepam. Things went very well as mom knows she needs to get her teeth all fixed, so that she can chew her food better. I'm thinking it will help her stomachaches she seems to have often. I hope so anyway. The next step is to visit the oral surgeon on the 17th of this month. Only a visit and then set the surgery day. None of us are looking forward to her having to go through that as she will need to let her mouth heal for 3 wks before they fit her mouth for a full lower plate and thank God it sounds as if she will be able to have her now upper plate all redone. Mom was sure hopping for that.
I will keep you updated with the next step.
Pray for mom,