Thursday, March 15, 2012

Surprise visit

It has been a while since I've made any new notes here on the "Aging Parents" Blog. Things have been going pretty good for the most part with Mom. Snickers "texted" me the other day and said there was a speaker scheduled to talk on AD at OAR 7PM Thursday and asked if I thought I would be there for it. I said, "Maybe." Lots of things going on lately. Well, Ladybug and I were able to set the time aside to be there. We arrived at OAR about 6:30PM and went straight to the "East Neighborhood" of the facility where Mom lives. Mom was out in the front family (TV) room and I snuck up next to her and she smiled from ear to ear when she saw me. We got up and found a place down the hall where we could sit together and visit without interrupting the TV viewing of the other residents. We got out Mom's Family Picture Album and visited for about an hour. We told Mom we needed to go and she wanted to return to the TV room for a little while longer. We hugged and said goodby. The meeting with the special speaker was still in session in the Chapel area and we stopped off to see if Snickers was there. She was and we joined her for the last part of the presentation. Ladybug collected some of the handouts from the presenter and we headed home. It was a very good trip.