Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Son I need your help

I was over the other day helping Mom balance her bank statement again. She always acts so helpless, frail and fretful when I am there and complains about being "sick". I reminded her that she did not go to the last Dr. appontment she had and did not reschedule another one.

Today I get a call from her around noon and she said, "Son, I need your help." What's wrong? I'm sick. What kind of sick? I don't know. Have you called the Dr? Yes, he is booked up today but they said to come in anyway. OK, I'll be over in a little bit to take you in.

When we got to the Dr. office they said they did not do walk-ins and there were no vacant slots on any of the doctor's schedules for the day. They asked what she needed to see the Dr. for and she said because I'm sick. They looked at us and one another with bewilderment. Finally one girl who was working on a computer said they might be able to get her in to see someone (not her regular Dr.) around 3:15PM. Mom said, " I don't know what to do." I said, "OK, we'll take that appointment."

I suggested to Mom that we go get something to eat and go home until the appointment time rather than sitting in the waiting room for over two hours. We went to a fast food place near by. After eating and on the way home Mom seemed to feel better. When we got to her apartment I suggested that we cancel the appointment with the unknown Dr. today and reschedule an appointment with her regular Dr. She agreed and fiddled around until I finally wound up doing it for her. She doesn't seem to have enough confidence to do ANYTHING for herself anymore and is starting to say things like, "I think I'm going to have to move in with one of your kids."