Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had a nice Thanksgiving here with our daughters and their families here with us. Mom is usually here too but this year she was with popcorn and snickers. We had to move Mom out of her apartment and she is now living with popcorn and snickers. Things are going fairly well most of the time. She has good days and bad days. At least now we know she is eating right and taking her medication properly. That helps a lot. They have her lined up with a local MD that is closer than our family doc. Mom seems to like him.

Follow up with the neurologist confirmed the AD and he said there was no need to schedule another appointment unless there is an emergency of some kind. At the last appointment Mom said she thought this was the year 1996. She broke into tears when she could not remember the names of her grandchildren. Popcorn, Snickers, Ladybug and I all attended an all day seminar on Dementia and AD in Bremerton and it was outstanding. We all learned a lot. They told us about a good book called "The 36 Hour Day". Snickers bought it and we have it checked out of the library. It is very helpful too.

Unfortunately, as a result of Mom moving to another county and due to the infamous "Healthcare Reform" Mom lost her HMO with Secure Horizon (no monthly premium) and now has to change insurance. The best we can find at this time for her is a Human Gold Choice policy that will cover most of what she had before but it will cost her $52.00 per month now plus co-pays for Dr. visits and for Rx. Mom lost her old phone number when she moved out of her apartment but now has a cell phone and I call her every couple of days rather than twice daily.