Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alzheimer Awareness

It was a good day today. It was the Lord's Day. Wonderful Spirit in the worship services at the house of God. At 6:30 PM this evening, Ladybug and I went over the bridge to OAR and visited with Mom. We went down to the chapel there and had a nice time singing together around the grand piano. Kathy, one of the workers there came in and there was a time set aside for remembering victims of Alzheimer's Disease. They had paper bags and little artificial candles to put in them for Alzheimer's Awareness. We put candles in bags for Aunt Rosa, Uncle Buck and Brother Don Knight who all died from Alzheimer's Disease. The lights were dimmed and we spent a moment in silence and Kathy asked me if I would lead in a word of prayer. Then Kathy read "The Alzheimer's Prayer" and we adjourned for cookies and coffee. It was very nice. When we took Mom back to her room she seemed a little anxious about getting into her Jammies for the night and we assured her that we would be back soon and that we were looking forward to her coming to our house in a couple of weeks for a big family get together at Thanksgiving. She seemed to do better after that.