Monday, May 3, 2010

No ride?

Maybe it is time to have another in home evaluation for Mom. The latest news regarding the Domestic Help is that there are no volunteers available for her and Cope doesn't view her as qualified for the services that they offer. The suggestion from Cope is that we look into hiring one of the employees that work at the Shag Apartments where she lives to come in at an hourly rate periodically to help with some of the household chores.

Mom's TV picture was getting to be very BAD so I went to Best Buys and replaced her old unit with a new flat screen model and she seems to like it. I used the same remote that she was used to using.

We had another stressful event regarding her perscription medications where she did not get them called in properly for renewal.

Mom still complains of being "sick" almost every time I call her in the morning. Sometimes she seems to feel a little better later on in the day. We had a good time taking her out for lunch to the Country Buffet for her birthday (87th) and Snickers and Popcorn were there with us along with a dear friend from church. One of the things she got for her birthday was a clock that not only tells the day, month and year but also the "day of the week".

She called tonight to tell about the Bible Study she attended in the community room there at the apartments. It went well. But then she said that she canceled her appointment with the Dr. this Thursday. I asked why and she said that she didn't have a ride.

Ladybug and I always take her to all her Dr. appointments and do her shopping for her and everything and if for some reason there is a schedule conflict we always make other arrangements for her but she said that she thought Ladybug told her we were not going to be available. This is either a total fabrication or she is imagining things to be real that are not. I asked when she cancelled the appointment and she said today.

I told her to call the Dr. first thing in the morning and see if she can get the appointment back again if nobody has already snatched the time slot up and then call me and let me know if they can do it. She said she would.