Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mom is all moved in to OAR (Olympic Alzheimer Residence) and below is the latest update from Snickers.
Dear family, and prayer warriors,

Thank you so much for your prayers. God has heard our call and has calmed the storm with His Peace. Monday the 25th we did the move in for Mom at the Memory Care Community (Alzheimer's). Before leaving our house I began to feel a wee bit frantic as I could tell my mother was stressing. Things calmed as we all got into the van, mom, my sister-in-law, and me. My husband, and brother followed with the truck load. Upon our arrival the staff went into action with smiles, and welcomes directing mom into her new environment. Thank you God, thank you God. They know what they are doing. We the family were able to take care of the move in, and the financial part within a few hours. We made sure her side of the room was as close to the arrangement of her bedroom here in my home. Mom was pleased, I could tell. We had the circle of prayer including her new roommate, Margie. Thank you MY LORD. We returned to my home, had some food, and a good visit as we still had more paperwork to finish. By 5pm, my brother and his wife had left, and my husband had to attend a meeting at the church. Guess what? I fell asleep in the easy chair and slept for two hours. Then I was able to hit the hay and still have a good night's sleep. Note, of course I forgot her hairspray...LOL, but that didn't matter. I talked with my brother this morning and she had already been to the beauty salon. My mom is a retired hair dresser. She's right at home, along with a Christian, Mariners Fan, roommate. At 88, how good does it get! Please, when the Lord brings us to your mind do pause and remember us, Mom and the family in prayer. Pray also for the staff at OAR.

He Hears,

sister sheep... Snickers

Monday, April 11, 2011

She LIKES it.

There is an opening in Olympic Alzheimer's Residence 3025 14th Avenue N.W. Gig Harbor, 98335. Last week Wed. we found this information out, went and toured the place and were pleased. Elvis and Ladybug toured it on Fri. and also liked it very much. Today Mom, Elvis, Ladybug, Popcorn and I went to tour it again and to meet her possible room mate (Margie) a neat Christian, Mariners FAN, gal. She and mom hit it off well. The deposit has been made for mom to move in and be Margie's room mate. Now comes the paper work from moms doctor to OAR and as mom will save $1000.00 if she moves in by the end of April we hope to have her start her move in on Mon. the 25th.
Mom is excited and really liked the place very much. Hope she really remembers all of this tomorrow. At this point I really feel it's best for mom to make this move now while she is still able to get used to the environment and the people around her, caregivers and such. There is a hair salon and other activities for mom to be involved in. But the most exciting thing to mom was that Margie is a Christian, and of course a Mariners Fan. LOL She just seems very happy and peaceful about this move.
As mom says...God's time is the right time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gig Harbor Facility

Got a call from Snickers the other day. She and Popcorn had visited a sister facility to the Point Orchard Memory Care Center (Mom likes it) and they thought Ladybug and I might like to visit this one in Gig Harbor too as a possibility for Mom. Mom is third on the waiting list for Orchard Point and there is an opening NOW at this one in Gig Harbor (just across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma). We visited it and liked it. We put a refundable deposit down to hold it for Mom if she likes it. Monday, we ALL plan to go over again and look at it again with Mom. The name of the place is Olympic Alzheimer's Residence. Pray for us about this decision. You can look at their website HERE.