Thursday, August 11, 2011

Opting out of Group Health

Below is a copy of the information I needed to send to the GHC to opt mom out of the care program. I will mail this off by registered mail on Monday, which will give you time to get back to me if there are any concerns. With Medicare/Medicaid she will receive in house care with Anne Horsley ARNP= nurse practitioner, who is under the umbrella of a doctor. I do not have his or her name yet. The office is in Lakewood on 108th street Home Doc . 253-589-6573. In making this change also her medications would be the pharmacy they use making her meds more quickly available. OH, yes I did meet Anne, who seems to be a nice gal, and with a ARNP on the end of her name, that says something. She will see mom on a regular basis every 5 weeks coming into Olympic Alzheimer's Residence to check mom along with her other patients who live there. Anne will be the go to gal if mom becomes ill or any needs of concern.

Page on down to see the letter. I just want us all to be on the same page with this change. Why pay out when it's being picked up by Medicare/Medicaid.

Yes, one thing too. Elvis because you have the POA and I only have the POA/health. I understand you will need to call the Soc/Sec office to make sure they stop the payment. They may want a written request too. I just don't know. Please check that out.

His Grace, down :)
Dear membership department,

(Mom's name) is my mother and I have her POA over health issues. See attached copy. In recent months my mother has moved into the Olympic Alzheimer's Residence in Gig Harbor, Washington. With this move her finances have been cut so much with spending that she needed to go onto Medicaid Care/ Medicare. She is now in a position to need to opt out of her GHC Clear Care Essential HMO plan, plus optional dental benefits.
I was told from the GHC information line 1-888-901-4636 that I needed to write a letter to your membership department about my mother's need to opt out and include my POA/health paper. I understand that on September 2, 2011 my mother will no longer be able to seek help at any of the GHC places of service.

Thank you Sincerely,