Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday update

Merry Christmas,
We are watching A Christmas Story and waiting for our baked breakfast to be ready. All of us are setting around in our pjs today. Mom is so enjoying the movie. We just laugh!!!
Yes, I have just received some information to get in touch with a VA man to see if because mom and dad were married all of his military years and not divorced until I think 2yrs. after his retirement, maybe 3, if somehow she could get some help.
Anyway it's a good day for mom today.
God Bless,

Friday, December 17, 2010

Memory Care may be a no go...

Mom has been having several good days. I call her almost daily. Ladybug and I are going over for a visit next Tuesday Lord willing. Gave her number to a cousin in Florida and she called and had a good visit with mom on the phone. Here is the latest update from Snickers...
Hello All,

Sorry I've not shot you a note lately, but I didn't have anything to share. Waited and waited to hear back from the memory care community (MCC) I called again today and wow the manager answered the phone. Well, here it is. The Orchard Pointe' MCC is in transition with a take over by a new owner...go figure, so at this time they have put a hold on any new Medicaid residents to be allowed into the facility. We will not know anything until Jan and then they may not even take Medicaid at all. No mom is not Medicaid at this time but she would be able to go into a facility as a private pay but only for one month. Then she would have to be Medicaid and that's how they do it. Anyway with January coming and the Medicaid cuts that are coming things look pretty sad for any help. I am going to see about the military help since mom and dad we not divorced till years after his retirement. Have a few things in the works to find help with that. Any suggestions would be great to hear on how to get help with the military.

Mom has been doing very well. Most of her days are pretty good. We went out shopping for her some new cloths and shoes a few Friday's ago and we had a great day. Mom talked about how much fun she had for days. Made me feel really good. So we put smileooooos on her daily record and frownooooos when she doesn't do very well. It helps her and us see that she has more good days than bad. :)

Dinner time....salmon tonight.
Take Care,


Monday, December 6, 2010

Update from Snickers

Here is the latest news from Snickers:

Good news here. Yesterday (12/4/10) mom was doing wonderful, (clear of mind) so I took mom over to the memory care community for her first time visit. She loved it there and seemed to feel right at home. So funny, we hadn't planned to go do that yesterday, it was a last minute thought. So as I took mom around touring the place, it was brought to our attention there was a single room/bath just made available and only one left. Mom and I went to see it. She fell in love with it and wanted to put her deposit down right then and there.

We've made plans for Monday to talk with management and see what we can do to help mom get in. Although last night at home I reminded mom that Popcorn and I always sleep on our big decisions and we'll see how she feels in the morning when she wakes up. I just kept thinking how our Lord orders our foot steps and leads the way for us. Praise His Holy name. I have done a lot of home work on Orchard's Pointe (the Memory Care Community). I've found nothing but good so far.

Please keep us in prayer as we consider this change for mother. It seems mom realizes her need to not be left alone but doesn't want to be a burden to Popcorn and me even though we
have reassured her the Lord has planned this season of life for us all. Yet while she is clear of mind and wants to be where the Lord will use her best, it would appear He is leading her and us to help her in this change. I pray the Lord will bring her to your minds and hearts as we travel this road. This world is not our home we're just a passing through...