Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Brunch

Snickers and Ladybug attended the Spring Brunch last Saturday with Mom at OAR. It was a beautiful day and they all enjoyed it. I was at a Tax Day Rally at our Capital offering the Invocation for the event and was not able to attend the Brunch with "the girls". Next Saturday we are planning a special day. The family is getting together at the Olive Garden Restaurant to celebrate Mom's 89th birthday. We've done this before and Mom liked it a lot.

When I talked with Mom on the phone this morning she said how much she enjoyed the visit Saturday. The Mariners are playing ball again and now she is getting back into baseball. I told her about the services in church and she always says how much she misses being in church. She sometimes watches Charles Stanley on Sunday mornings. We are working on a way to get Mom to church one of these times on a Lord's Day or possibly at a special fellowship meeting depending on how well she feels. I am going to start mailing her info from the church to help keep that feeling of connection.