Saturday, April 10, 2010

What day is this?

I suppose all of us at one time or another have lost track of our days, right? How often has this happened to YOU? I'm just wondering. Where is the line drawn when we should start being concerned about the mental cognizance of someone? How many times a week is a person allowed to ask, "What day is this?" What if they have a calendar on their table and a tablet next to it that tells todays date and when they took their medication this morning and they ask the question anyway on more than one occasion in the same day? This is happening more and more with Mom.

Mom had a savings CD at the bank that matured and they changed the interest rate for it to less than 1% so I cashed it and put the funds in her checking account. It pays interest too and at least the funds would be available to her if she wanted them. Her TV was going out. The picture was all distorted on the lower part of the screen. She is quite the penny pincher but I talked her into letting me go buy her a new flat screen TV with some of her savings so she could see the Mariners better when their games are aired. I found a good deal at Best Buys and got her all rigged up with the new set and removed her old set to the dump. Fortunately, the new set came through the ComCast Box and she can use the same remote control that she used with the old set. Life is good.