Thursday, June 30, 2011

the money stuff

We are still dealing with the medicaid lack of payments needed for Mom's stay at OAR. The social worker gave us all the paper work needed to get the ball rolling on this and it showed that Mom was qualified "medically" speaking for rent assistance at OAR. There are two figures that Medicaid will pay. One is $52.72 per day for Med. B and the other is $94.71 for Dementia Care. Mom registered at OAR as a Private Pay resident originally but we knew that her funds would run out within the first month or two and filed for Medicaid at the time she moved in. We were told that the Medicaid payments would kick in retroactively when the paper work goes through. So, we have been paying the Private Pay bill at OAR each month based on the figures given above for Medicaid assistance and subtracting them from the monthly bill . Mom's fund are indeed depleted. We received a bill from OAR stating that Mom still owed them $9060.90. Our figure showed that she was all paid up on her part and the medicaid funds would make the balance zero.

At a meeting with OAR this week we learned that the figures given above are not a sum total of daily benefits but an "either or" kind of thing and that Mom is "medically"qualified for the $94.71 per day benefit but so far DSHS has not shown her qualified "financially" for the benefits. While in this meeting, I called DSHS. The Social Worker is out on medical leave and I talked to Bruce, the Social Worker's supervisor who verified that a case worker was working on the "financial" qualifications right then and when finished, we would be notified what Mom's co-pay would be and the benefits would be payed retroactively to the first of June. Upon hearing this, the folks at OAR said that they would go back into Mom's account and rework it with the understanding that she will not be a Private Pay resident effective the first of June but a Public Assistance residence and that makes the rates different. So, we wait. Pray for us.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend OAR nurse

We all got a call from OAR Sunday morning. Here is a note from Baileywick about it.

Hi Elvis and Snickers,

Just got a call from OAR. They tried calling both of you but no one home. Nurse was concerned about red blotches on mom's chest. Mom was able to relate that she had been to the doctors. I explained to the nurse, who only works every other weekend, regarding mom's episode and hospital admission. I stated that the blotches were probably do to EKG patches and she might be having a slight allergic reaction to the adhesive. Suggested they use Neosporin on sights. They are going to use Triple Antibiotic Ointment. Wanted to fill you in on what was going on. If you have any other questions just give me a call.

Talk to you later,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

a trip to ER

Last Monday, Mom woke up abut 5AM with chest pain. She notified the OAR on duty nurse and an ambulance was called to have her checked out at the ER. Mom told them to take her to Tacoma General and that her Dr. was who we call "Doc Bee" (our family Dr. for many years). Around noon they told us that they felt that she should stay over night for observation but TG was not a Group Health hospital (Mom's new Insurance) and recommended that she be moved by ambulance to St. Joseph. By about 3PM she was settled in at St. Joseph and had something to eat. The next morning they told us that the chest pain was not heart related but it was due to tender muscle tissue for some reason. Mom did not remember any reason why her muscles would be tender. Anyway, she was able to be released and is back home at OAR and doing well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Mom is in her 2nd month at OAR. She is doing well. Snickers has taken her to her doctor and dental appointments and she has her new teeth now. The bottom plate may still need some adjustment. Mom says they make her gums sore. Mom's funds have run below what is needed for the care at OAR and I have filled out all the needed piles of paperwork for her application for medicaid. So far, so good on that. Mom has been moved to another room. Her first room mate became difficult. Mom is adapting well with her new room mate.

There are times when Mom speaks very highly of the staff there at OAR and the accommodations but other times she seems depressed. She doesn't appear to have deteriorated as far as most of the other residents in her community with the AD symptoms but often does not remember that we have been there to visit her. I call her every morning right after breakfast. She always recognizes my voice and we have the usual short conversation about the same things.