Friday, January 14, 2011

second opinion

Ladybug went up to Everett yesterday for a "Family Meeting" at the assisted living home where her mom lives. It was a long day but the bottom line is that her mom is at the place where they need to upgrade her care to 24 hour care. She is a medicaid patient so not much will change on that. It is likely that she will need to move to another wing of the facility and may have to share a room rather than having a private studio like now. Ladybug was comfortable with the decisions that were made.

Here is the latest update on Mom over at Snicker's:


Wanted to make sure you were aware that mom is finally on the Group Health Co-op health plan at the cost of $267. I think it was that amount. She is not to happy about that, but on her clear days she understands the reason. Her change in counties made this so that she does have to pay a premium.

Last Thursday we spent from 1:30 to 5pm just getting her meds set up, blood work and so on. Yesterday she had to go in and get a chest xray to check her CHF. Tomorrow we go to see another neurologist to assess her mind. Will keep you updated on all of this. It's been an interesting ride around here. Most of moms days are good though.

ttyl - Snickers.


I just wanted to make sure you all know that mom's GHC monthly payment is $167. a month, because of her first payment it was $267., and then it'll be out of her SS there after. It's kind of mixed up because we set it up to come out of her SS and at GH I was told that doesn't work very well and that I should call customer service and request to not do that...which I did...then we get the letter in the mail that it was in effect. Soooooooooooo, we'll see what happens with all of this. I do wish I'd never recalled them, but so goes the day.

So, we go see the neurologist today. Thank you "Elvis" for coming over to be with mom and me at this appointment. It's good to have more ears and eyes on this kind of appointment. Like I remind mom it's a second opinion. I'm excited for that myself. Will keep you updated.

In a Season,

Here is the report on the visit today:

Today we, mom, "Elvis", and I met with a new neurologist with the Group Health family. This was great because it was like a second opinion. Mom did great! All of us were very happy with the doctor today. He was so much more personable than the first neurologist we met with. Although his diagnose for dementia was still the same. He answered to us using the "A-word" to represent Alzheimer's. I responded with (you mean Alzheimer's) and he looked shocked and looked at mom, then us and said yes. Then we talked about dementia and it ended with the diagnose being Alzheimer's. He also said he felt because mom was in an environment of activity with family that she seemed to be doing very well. He also suggested Silver Sneaker's for mom, so this is something we need to work on for her. So by the end of the day mom, "Elvis" and I were all glad for this new doctor's diagnose. She is doing very well and most of her days are good.

I've talked to mom about setting her up with an email address so she might be able to talk to all of you. So I think we will come up with something or it could be just go ahead and use this email for her too.

Mom says to send her love to all of you, that she wishes she could see all of you.

In His Season of Life,