Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lucky me

Watching a health news story on TV yesterday I learned that children are more likely to inherit the symptoms of AD from their mother than from their father. I also take meds for high cholesterol and hypertension. So, the following article added a little icing to the cake today...

Cholesterol and hypertension seen as harmful to memory

High cholesterol and hypertension may be linked to loss of memory and mental abilities in middle age, according to a new study. Researchers found that among the 4,800 people in their research study, cardiovascular risk in middle age was related to lower overall cognitive function; the scientists also saw a relationship between poor cardiovascular scores and overall cognitive decline over 10 years. Study participants did not have Alzheimers, but hypertension, diabetes and poor cardiovascular health may be risk factors for the disease.
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Every 70 seconds

Researchers continue searching for ways to prevent Alzheimer’s

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, with a new case diagnosed every 70 seconds. The greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s is increasing age, and the first of the baby boomers are turning 65 this year. With the escalating Alzheimer’s epidemic here, researchers are trying a pre-emptive strike against the disease.
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Healing up.

Thanks for your faithful updates on Mom, Snickers. Ladybug and I plan on coming over next Thursday for an overnight visit. Warning...Warning..Warning... :) Elvis.
Hello family,
Thank you for your prayers. Mom went through her surgery very well on Thurs. the 24th of Feb. Then come Sat. the 26th. it hit her, she was down, hadn't slept all night and of course Sat. was exhausted. She slept most all of the day and for the first time because of her headache I gave her one of her pain pills. Then come night time...bed time, she took only one more pain pill and slept all night long with a few restroom visits. All in all she has come through this with flying colors. Her appointment to be fitted for her new plates will come the week or week after the 17th of March. Three weeks are needed to heal up real well before she gets her fitting.
Again thank you so much for your prayers. She is doing great!
In His Grace,