Saturday, October 9, 2010


Mom seems to be adjusting to the fact that she cannot be left alone anymore, fairly well. Snickers said when she affirmed to Mom that she was going to be staying with her and Popcorn for now and that she would be safe with them, there was a look of peace that came over her that showed that she was comforted and reassured by this.

Due to a trip to Eastern Washington by Snickers and Popcorn for a funeral, we had Mom stay here on the hide a bed for a couple of days. Generally speaking she did well and is adapting to a more regimented schedule for her medication and all. We did notice that she is in the wandering stage now and was up several times in the night walking into bedrooms, etc. She was constantly opening closets, cupboards and drawers as if she was looking for something.

Snickers took Mom to see a new Doctor over near their place and it went well. One thing he suggested was that Mom cut the dose of one of her BP meds in half. So, Snickers has started cutting that morning pill in half. So far so good. Monday we have an appointment with the regular family Doctor here in town.

Ladybug and I went over to Popcorn and Snicker's place Thursday night and attended an all day Seminar at the Kitsap County Convention Center on Friday about AD and Dementia. It was an excellent Seminar and very informative. I saved some extra literature to hand deliver to Bailey-wick. Afterward, we visited an adult Day Care center that specializes in "Memory Loss Patients". They also have full time residents. It has it's pros and cons. My feeling is that Mom is not ready for a move to a facility like this at this time but it might be worth a try to see if she would attend some of the classes or activities they offer.