Thursday, November 29, 2012

Move to Manor-Care

Manor-Care - Click HERE
Wednesday was spent researching “Skilled Nursing Facilities” for Mom to be released to from the hospital.  Snickers and I did some actual eyeball-to-eyeball tours with facilities representatives and came to a consensus.  “Tadpole” came over from the other side of the state and tied in with her mom Snickers as I headed back home to prepare for services prayer meeting night.  Thursday morning I did some chores, gathered some legal paperwork and met Snickers and Tadpole in the cafeteria at the hospital.  Mom was under the care of a new Dr. at the hospital and we received information that changed our plans a little.  Mom was actually doing better and we were going ahead with the move from the hospital to the selected “Skilled Nursing Care Unit” but we have decided to postpone the Hospice care.  We learned that if we called Hospice in on the case, the Skilled Nursing Care would not be as diligent with lab work.  That being the case we instructed them that we did NOT want Hospice care at this time and would re-assess Mom’s condition in a week or two and monitor her condition closely including regular lab work until we know if she is going to go downhill or have a chance for a recovery of some sort.  At a little after 1PM they transported Mom from St. Anthony Hospital to Manor-Care room 209A (by the window).  I signed all the initial paperwork for Mom as her POA.  Snickers, Tadpole and I were there in the room with Mom as the various different “NEW” care givers came in to introduce themselves and do the preliminary tests, questions and check for vitals, etc.  Mom’s new “home” is very nice.  If she improves enough to become ambulatory like she was not long ago, they will move her to a different wing of the facility that specializes with dementia patients.  She is still on oxygen, has the catheter, is on one to one care at soft diet mealtime and still has a choke hazard but for now, is off the IV.  Many of our friends and family have been praying for Mom.  Today was a display of how God hears and answers prayer.  Thank you Lord and thank you that were praying for Mom. 

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